Arkansas indie rockers Brother Moses released a great new EP last month, titled Legends. Today, they continue to promote the effort with a Substream exclusive premiere of a live video for “Sandwich Bags,” a smooth slow-builder that will surely accumulate interest from fans of acts like Local Natives and Grizzly Bear. Check it out below:

Speaking to Substream about the DNA of the single itself and why they chose to record it live, vocalist/guitarist Matthew Heckman offered the following:

“I used to work the night shift at Waffle House, which was one of the hardest and most draining jobs I’ve ever worked. Every moment not spent there was spent dreading my next shift. One night I was sitting in my kitchen counting my tips from the last two weeks and sorting them into sandwich bags to take to the bank. It hit me in that moment that I was looking at the physical distillation of the last 14 days. It was one of those weird, out-of-body moments of clarity where you realize, ‘Whoa, this is my life.’

The whole reason I had that job was because it was flexible enough to let me tour with Brother Moses and paid well enough that I could pay the bills when we were on the road. I didn’t want to be there, but in that time it’s what I had to do to chase my dreams. ‘Sandwich Bags’ is a reminder to me that pursuing your passion requires sacrifice, but that the dream is worth giving some things up.

We decided to film this one live because it’s one of our favorite numbers to perform. It gets me going in a way that most other songs don’t, and the whole band really gets to cut loose on this tune. We also got to film in a really special place, Puritan Brew Company. It’s a fixture in Fayetteville and has a really killer ambience (and really killer coffee n’ brews). The owner, Kevin Frey, was generous enough to let us invade for the day, and Jason Miller—the sound engineer/producer for this video—assembled a crack team of videographers who made us look way cooler than we actually are.”

Brother Moses’ Legends EP is available to purchase via iTunes.