‘Black Mirror’ looks as unsettling as ever in Season 3 trailer


If you haven’t seen the first seven episodes of Black Mirror yet, hop on Netflix and come back when you’re done. The anthology series showcasing a set of alternate realities not too far removed from our own centers on how technology might evolve in ways that are equal parts fascinating and horrifying. Netflix has picked up the series, and today we got a trailer for its third season, which will consist of six new episodes.

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Netflix obviously doesn’t want to give away too much, so we mostly get set-up for a few of the episodes without really getting into what they’re completely about. We see Bryce Dallas Howard (Pete’s Dragon) in a world where happiness appears to be measured and physically projected; a game show that requires some sort of procedure to participate in; a father and son dealing with nefarious forces recording through laptop cameras, and some sort of military drama. All the premises look interesting, and there are quite a few familiar faces in the mix. Besides Howard, we see House Of Cards‘ Michael Kelly and Jerome Flynn from Game Of Thrones.

Check out the creepy trailer for Black Mirror‘s thrid season below. The season will land on Netflix on October 21, just in time for Halloween.