Bear Hands just released the catchiest single of October with “Boss”

Bear Hands

I have probably spent roughly an hour trying to think of the perfect description for Bear Hands. In all that time the best thing I could come up with is to say they are a sometimes acoustic lo-fi rock band that would probably make Rivers Cuomo feel like a proud parent because of how heavily their music appears to be influenced by Weezer’s early work. Still, that feels a bit left of center, as there is much more to this fast-rising band the world has yet to experience.

Last night, Bear Hands released the official video for their single “Boss,” which is without a doubt the catchiest new song to surface this month. The track begins with soft vocals and acoustic accompaniment before blossoming into an awkward, yet undeniably catchy rock song when the lyric “I’m the bitch and you’re the boss” comes pouring through your speakers. If a line like that doesn’t grab you, I am unsure what will.

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Rather than using the song as a blueprint for the video, director Ethan Berger chooses instead to create an original narrative with the clip for “Boss” that follows a man who dreams about a naked woman painted gold. When he wakes he is back to his ho-hum life of chores, internet pornography, and alcoholism, but those things are all just fillers until he can close his eyes and visit his golden beauty once more. There is also a hint of death in the mix, but I don’t want to spoil anything here. Just look for yourself:

I’ve been debating whether or not to call this video NSFW, but I know for sure that it’s a hit song in the making. “Boss” is not the kind of track you expect to take Billboard by storm, but for certain circle of indie rock fandom it’s going to be a hit the likes of which are rarely seen in today’s overcrowded industry.

If you enjoy “Boss” and want to know more about Bear Hands’ music, we highly recommend heading over to their official store and picking up the record You’ll Pay For This as soon as possible.