Shura gets nostalgic in retro “311215” video

Hollie Fernando

We love Shura around here. Her debut album, Nothing’s Real, is still one of our favorites of 2016, and we love her music videos as well. She captured the ’80s John Hughes vibes in the video for “What’s It Gonna Be?” and now she captures a more personal kind of nostalgia in the video for “311215.”

The visuals are simple, but powerful. As the hidden album closer plays in the background, we see an old television set. Throughout the song, home videos from Shura’s youth play on the screen. The intimacy of seeing these cherished childhood memories paired with the song is incredibly sweet and poignant. Shura explained in a Facebook post, “311215 is about fear of death. The death (one day) of my parents and to a certain extent my own; that everything must come to an end. I chose to finish my record with this song in part because it deals with endings. For me it also marks the start of another journey.”

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Watch the video for “311215” below. If you haven’t listened to Nothing’s Real yet, you owe it to yourself to do so. The album is streaming on Spotify and available for purchase on iTunes.