Toronto-based indie rock band Wildlife are gearing up to release a brand new 12-track record, titled Age Of Everything, in just two weeks’ time. The band’s newest single, “2017,” is a sing-along indie-pop banger with shimmering synths and an anthemic chorus that will dominate your mind for days. We have the pleasure of premiering the single’s accompanying video today, and it really couldn’t be more suitable. Comprised of archival footage from New Year’s Eve parties past, the visuals accentuate the upbeat, 1980s vibe of the song perfectly. It’s happy-go-lucky and celebratory, but it only symbolizes the surface of the whole message.

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Going in depth about “2017” and its video, vocalist/guitarist Dean Povinsky explains:

“‘2017’ is a desperate song. It’s about a very common feeling our friends and others we know seem to be experiencing right now. We collaborated with one of our favourite artists, Anne Douris (Bossie, Stella Ella Ola), to lay a visual backdrop that juxtaposes the song’s initially lighthearted sound with the inevitable crush of the question “Why”? Why are we moving so rapidly toward such a hyper individualized bunch when we are meant to be more connected than ever? Why do we have all these addictions to what is ultimately such a meaningless, on-screen world when we know that the way to thrive is to connect in the ways that have served us so well for so long: By locking eyes and holding on for dear life, making new connections and finding meaning in the real. The throwback images of large NYE celebrations of old up against the actual lyrics of ‘2017’ create the perfect vibration between the lust after immediacy and the human longing to connect in real time.”

Age Of Everything is out on October 14 through Wax Records. Pre-orders are available through iTunes.