Weezer to release split 7-inch with Wavves featuring unreleased song

photo: Sean Murphy

Whelp, here’s your odd news story of the day. Weezer will release a split 7-inch with California lo-fi group Wavves. Pre-orders begin on Monday, September 12 via Ghost Ramp Records, which is run by Wavves’ Nathan Williams.

Confirmed through Weezer’s Twitter account, the split will feature an unreleased Weezer song titled “Fake Smiles & Nervous Laughter” on side A, and Wavves’ cover of “You Gave Your Love To Me Softly” on the reverse. The dual-sided artwork features Wavves-influenced re-designs of the iconic Blue Album and Pinkerton album covers.

No release date has been provided, but pre-orders go live here on Monday, September 12. Collectors will want to pick this one up, as it’s sure to go down as a strange piece of history in both bands’ careers.