Tegan and Sara get visually creative in “Stop Desire” video

tegan and sara

We’ve been bringing you Tegan and Sara videos all summer, and they’ve covered a vast array of visual styles and subject matters. The sisters released their next video today on Facebook, this time for “Stop Desire.” Do you like innuendos? This video is for you.

As Tegan and Sara go about a normal day of errands, there is A LOT going on around them. Director Allister Ann masters the visual innuendo in a variety of entertaining and hilarious ways. From people licking stamps, to every fruit you can imagine, to a magazine with the title “Member” that has an incredibly phallic cactus on the cover—it’s fun just to count how many innuendos you can find watching the video.

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Describing the visuals, Tegan and Sara explain, “We wanted to marry the high-energy and colorful vibe of Stop Desire’s production with the longing sexual undertones of the song’s lyrics for this video. Director Allister Ann created a colorful world for us where we go throughout our day straight-faced while encountering characters finding sensuality in everyday things.” We can confirm that they indeed accomplished this goal. Tegan and Sara also did a Facebook Live Q&A after the video dropped, which can still be viewed here.

Watch the video for “Stop Desire” below. If you haven’t listened to Love You To Death yet, we highly recommend you do so. You can buy the album here.