Swimming Tapes release dreamy new single, “Tides”

swimming tapes
Euan Allardyce

The best part about music is how many different things it can make you feel. Music can make you happy, sad, nostalgic, or confident—just to name a few obvious emotions. One of our favorite kinds of music is the kind that makes you feel warm inside, like someone’s wrapping you up in a big ol’ hug. That’s the feeling we get from London-based Swimming Tapes‘ new single, “Tides,” and we absolutely love it.

Swimming Tapes describe themselves as “dreamy guitar pop,” and it’s a pretty accurate representation of “Tides,” which premiered as part of DIY’s Neu Pick series. The soothing guitar riff that pervades throughout the song immediately washes over the listener. Singer Louis Price’s voice sounds far away, seeming to come from behind this warm and cozy instrumental. It’s an incredibly effective structure for the track, and it has us hooked.

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Swimming Tapes talked to DIY about the nature of the lyrical content, stating, “Some memories are perfected by the passing of time, become dreamlike, intensified by the imagination. ‘Tides’ is about those kind of memories, a plea to somehow go back in time and live in their magic.”

We’re eager to hear what else Swimming Tapes has in store for us. Stream “Tides” below and see what we’re excited about for yourself.