S U R V I V E stream new nine-track album ‘RR7349’ in full

Dylan O'Connor

If you had heard of the Austin-based group S U R V I V E before this summer, you already knew they were a stellar synth band making some great tunes. You are now joined by countless others who have heard of the band through members Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein’s work on the excellent score for Netflix’s Stranger Things, which was the TV show of the summer. Both parties should be happy to hear that the band—which also includes Mark Donica and Adam Jones—is now streaming their upcoming album RR7349 in full before its release this Friday.

The album follows the S U R V I V E’s first release, 2012’s MNQ 026, and is also the band’s first to be released through Relapse Records. Dazed premiered the band’s stream, and also conducted a cool interview with the guys about their music that’s definitely worth a read.

You can stream RR7349 in full below. While some formats have sold out, pre-orders for the album are still available on Relapse’s website. The album comes out this Friday, September 30.