SOHN and Milla Jovovich team up for “Signal” video


SOHN is an extremely talented British producer. Milla Jovovich is a supremely talented actress and zombie slayer. It’s not a pairing that you’d come up with off the top of your head, but the duo have teamed up on the video for SOHN’s latest track, “Signal.” The end result is absolutely breathtaking.

With “Signal,” SOHN has created a dark, intense track that slithers and slides along. Adding to the intensity is the video, which Jovovich both directed and stars in. In the visuals, we get two Millas—one in the foreground, and another projected over and behind her. Each has separate facial expressions and emotional reactions happening throughout the song, and Jovovich is excellent throughout. If you ever need a reminder of how great of an actress she is, you can just put the video on repeat.

Jovovich explained in a statement:

“I felt like we could bring the viewer into the mind of the character I was portraying through the different projections, both behind me and on my body, that would be both emotional and visually exciting. What happened on the day was absolute magic; one of the takes was so powerful and really told the story so well that SOHN knew we had the video for his song right then, on the day, totally live.”

Watch the video for “Signal” below. The single can be streamed or bought here.