The Republic of Wolves release new single “Northern Orthodox”

the republic of wolves
Patrick Conlan

Surely due in part to the members’ many side projects, the Republic of Wolves haven’t released an album since 2013’s No Matter How Narrow, and fans have been clamoring for new material ever since. Yesterday, the band answered with a brand new single, “Northern Orthodox.” The song premiered on, and we have a feeling followers of the band will love it.

The song strikes a perfect balance between being melodic and heavy, with the verses more of the former and the chorus definitely more of the latter. Vocalist Mason Maggio is in rare form, his voice carrying the track whether he’s singing or screaming.

About the song, Maggio told, “‘Northern Orthodox’ is the eighth chapter of a story that will hopefully be told in full on our upcoming full-length album. It’s also our first song whose musical composition was inspired entirely by a dream.” It certainly sounds like the next album from the Long Island group will be an interesting musical endeavor.

While you get excited for the next release, stream “Northern Orthodox” below.