Regina Spektor slows things down on “Black and White”


When singer-songwriter Regina Spektor releases a single, you know it’s going to be good. Prior to today, we’ve already heard “Bleeding Heart” and “Small Bill$” off of her upcoming release Remember Us To Life. With that release date rapidly approaching, we got another track off the album, this time the tender “Black and White.”

The song is slow, mournful, and spectacularly showcases Spektor’s voice. “Sad, sad eyes know too much / You will always start to cry,” she sings, and she’s right in that you’ll probably be holding back tears by that point. Factor in the piano, chimes, and strings, and the song has a dreamlike lullaby feel to it. A very sad, very moving lullaby. Needless to say, it’s gorgeous.

Remember Us To Life is only three weeks away, set to drop on September 30. While you wait, curl up in a ball, grab the tissues, and give “Black and White” a listen below.