Swedish producer and songwriter Anna Melander, creating under the banner of TO., is enigmatic to say the least. Thanks mostly in part to her virtually unsearchable moniker and a complete lack of social media presence, TO. lets her music speak for itself, and we’re hearing it loud and clear. With her newest single, “I AM,” trap-inspired production, eerie vocals, and elegant melodies form to create lush pop landscapes that are so infectious you can’t help but listen more times than you can count before realizing any time has passed. It’s hypnotizing, and its accompanying visuals appropriately follow suit with kaleidoscopic imagery and fleeting city shots sure to have you entranced.

“To get inspiration when I’m making music I enjoy wandering around the city aimlessly with some good tunes in my ears,” Melander tells Substream. “Suddenly I begin to experience my surroundings in a different way. I wanted to incorporate the environment that influenced me in the video—in this case, the streets of Stockholm. The video for ‘I AM’ is set in an inverted cityscape. With this I would like to invite the viewers and listeners to the world where the music derives from.”

You can watch the video for “I AM,” created by Yong-Namm Lee, below. The single is taken from TO.’s debut EP, titled I AM TO., which will be released on October 18. We’d love to tell you where you can find it but we haven’t a clue. It’s gotta be worth the trek to track it down, though, so go for it.