PREMIERE: Former Swellers vocalist debuts first song from new band, the Apology Tour

The newest endeavor to spawn from the ashes of Michigan’s beloved punk band the Swellers is the Apology Tour. Vocalist/guitarist Nick Diener is joined by Michelle Lukezic (the Conqueror Worm) and Mark Michalik (Kid Brother Collective), creating as a trio of best friends whose first single under the banner of the Apology Tour is a deeply-tuned, chugging, wall-of-sound gut punch of emotional rock that leaves a lasting first impression. Get introduced to the band’s sound below.

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Speaking to Substream about his new band’s formation and their debut single, Diener offers the following:

“I’ve been working on a handful of songs in my studio since the Swellers stopped. I switched over to a baritone guitar that I tune as low as dropped G at times, which is lower than Slipknot or Korn. [Laughs.] I’ve also been really into synths lately. ‘You Know What You Did’ is the first song that started to come together with all of my favorite ingredients.

Mark and Michelle are my best friends and come from two of my favorite Michigan bands, the Conqueror Worm and Kid Brother Collective. We had always wanted to play music together, despite them living in Chicago these days while I’m back in Michigan. Glad we took that plunge, because they are so much fun to play with. Mark is super locked in with me because we’ve developed chemistry working on Swellers albums together for so long. Michelle’s voice is also one of my favorites on the planet so it’s a dream come true to be singing together.

I think I picked a way better band name this time.”

The Apology Tour will play their first two shows next weekend, so check out the dates below and attend if you’re in the area.

Debut Shows:
Oct 8 – Hamilton Street Pub in Saginaw, MI
w/ Forest Green

Oct 9 – Pike Room in Pontiac, MI
w/ Speak Low If You Speak Love, Let It Happen