Morgan Spurlock’s new documentary ‘Rats’ looks incredibly unnerving


In a world without humans the lowly rat would be king. Some estimate there are as many rats in New York City as there are people (around 8 million), but others believe there are even more than that. The truth is that we simply don’t know how many rats there are in any one city, state, or country, but we do know there are millions, if not billions of them and they have a real impact on our world. With his latest documentary, Rats, Morgan Spurlock will attempt to shed some light on a part of our world most would rather pretend doesn’t exist.

In the first trailer for Rats we’re presented with a film that looks as much like a horror film as it does a documentary. Spurlock and his team scour the globe seeking more information on rats and the role they play on our planet. He also investigates their growing population, and how a new breed of insecticide-resident rodents may cause big problems for mankind in the years to come. It’s enough to make your skin crawl a dozen times over, and that’s before they describe how rats can crawl into your home through your toilet. Check it out:

The synopsis for Rats is deceptively simple: “A history of rat infestations in major cities throughout the world.”

The footage above makes it clear that Spurlock’s latest exploration of the modern world will be no less engaging than his past works. The only question I have is whether or not moviegoers will want to spend over an hour learning about creatures that make the vast majority of people incredibly uncomfortable, but then again maybe that is exactly the feeling Spurlock is trying to evoke with this film. Maybe Spurlock wants us to be uncomfortable so that we’re forced to listen to the story being told, which admittedly looks quite compelling.

Rats does not have a U.S. release date yet, but we imagine it will crawl into limited release or VOD distribution in the coming months. Stay tuned.