Washington-based pop rockers Lavoy believe in the value of a good ol’ fashioned friendship. Coming up in life with those who you used to have sleepovers and dream big with is deteriorating into occasional conversations through social media. It’s convenient because you’re busy and your lives took different paths, but sit back for a moment and reflect on the good times and you’ll see just how much you’re missing by sitting behind a monitor instead of driving across the country with your best friend, experiencing life on the open road with fresh country air blowing through your mane. It’s tragic really, and the band’s new single, “Friend,” aims to campaign for human connection through a catchy, ’80s-inspired pop ballad that will remain in your head while you shoot your long-lost besties Facebook and text messages to set up some quality get-togethers.

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“‘Friend’ is about the value of others individually and the influence that relationships can have on someone’s life,” says singer Tyrell L. Tompkins. “I wanted to make a statement on the currency of friendship—that a friend is alive in this particular time to influence a moment in one’s life is a powerful thought and a position of great stature. Today’s world has benefited greatly from technology advancement and many other things in great ways, but we’ve unknowingly been distracted by these things and I believe friendship is becoming a lost art and has been sacrificed in exchange for convenience and ease.” Tompkins adds, “This song was written when we first left our home in Alaska and is highly influenced by our friends that we left behind when the band moved to Washington. There’s nothing quite like leaving home to cause you to stop taking your relationships for granted and seeing the value in them.”

Listen to “Friend” below while you get all blubbery and sentimental.

“Friend” is taken from Lavoy’s forthcoming three-track EP that will be available later this year. Keep and eye and ear out for more details.