Juke Ross makes a stunning first impression with “Colour Me”

Juke Ross

Sometimes you hear a song that stops you dead in your tracks and just overwhelms you. It’s a powerful experience, and one that makes music an exceptionally powerful art form. Prepare yourself, because you’re about to have that feeling. Juke Ross, just 22 years old and hailing from the South American country of Guyana, just released an absolutely beautiful track, “Colour Me.”

The track is simple, primarily Ross and his guitar, with a little piano and percussion sparsely thrown in for good measure. It’s in this simplicity that Ross’s musicianship shines. Ross’s voice drips with emotion and longing as he sings, and the lyrics tell a powerful tale of love. It’s a song that is aimed directly at the listener’s heart, and Ross deftly hits the mark in a way that will leave anyone a weeping mess.

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We are extremely interested in hearing more from Ross, and we’ll keep you informed of any more releases from him in the future. In the meantime, huddle up on the couch and give “Colour Me” a listen below.