Dallas, Texas producer and songwriter Jesse Etc. is poised to release his eclectic Lavender EP this Friday, and we have the honor of streaming the effort in its five-track entirety today. Offering sounds from virtually all corners of the pop spectrum—indie, trip-hop, dance, dream, etc.—Lavender has a little something to appeal to any and all fans of the genre, and with a total running time shy of 19 minutes, that’s all the more impressive. Give a listen to Lavender below and let us know what you think.

“I was listening to a lot of top 40 production and a lot of sample-heavy artists like J Dilla, MF Doom, and the Avalanches,” Jesse says of the inspirational spectrum that helped fuel Lavender. “I knew that I wanted to somehow incorporate my love for sampling into my love for pop production [and] structure. When I started working on the track ‘Heaven,’ I knew I was getting close.” He adds, “Lyrically, Lavender was inspired by an amalgam of my religious upbringing, novels and poems I was reading at the time, broken relationships, death, etc. I seek inspiration in everything I do—from hiking a mountain alone to sitting in the waiting room for an oil change. To find the extraordinary within the ordinary—that may be the most important lesson I learned in my early 20s from a poetry professor I had.”

Lavender will be released on super limited cassette through Near Mint on September 23. Head over to the label’s store to pick up one or both of the available variants and look for an even more limited colorway at future live shows.