The Japanese House dazzles with new single, “Face Like Thunder”

the Japanese house

Amber Bain, who performs under the name of the Japanese House, has a new EP coming on November 11. Swim Against The Tide will be her third EP, and seeing as we’re fans of her previous work, we’re stoked for the new project. We got our first taste of the EP today, as the young artist has released the first new track from the collection, entitled “Face Like Thunder.”

The song has a distant, expansive quality to it, not unlike the titular thunder. Bane’s voice has an electronic echo to it that feels like it stretches far into the distance as you listen to her sing. It’s a track that showcases a deeper musicality on each listen while still remaining easy to nod your head along to. It’s a great song to put headphones on for, close your eyes, and let the electronic sounds surround you.

Listen to “Face Like Thunder” below via Spotify. As with her previous EPs, Swim Against The Tide is being released through Dirty Hit Records (pre-orders are ongoing), also home to the 1975, whom the Japanese House has recently toured with and worked with on her EPs.