Green Day has been my favorite band since I was a kid and I’ve seen them live a ton of times, but this was my first time photographing the band, let alone having a front row seat for 15 minutes. I really want to tell every detail, but then again I don’t, because I don’t want to spoil much for those who might be seeing the band on tour any time soon. So, I’ll just say this: Whether you’re a new or old Green Day fan, you’re in for roughly two and a half hours of non-stop energy and madness.

It seems like there are two eras of Green Day: Pre-American Idiot and post. Whether you prefer one, the other, or both, this show covers everything and then some—from all the mega radio hits and singles to the amazing tracks you rarely hear them play from Nimrod, Dookie, and Kerplunk. What I will say about the set list—at least at the 3,000-cap Tower Theatre in Upper Darby—is that they start the show with new songs that immediately punch you right in the face: “Bang Bang” and “Revolution Radio.” I’m pretty sure this club tour is just a warm-up for their arena tour that will be coming down the line to support the new album, but if you were lucky enough to score tickets for these little club shows, you’re seriously gonna love every minute of it and have the time of your life.

Check out our gallery of photos from Green Day’s stop in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania on Thursday, September 29.