The Front Bottoms announce ‘Needy When I’m Needy,’ stream new songs

The Front Bottoms

When the Front Bottoms released their stellar Fueled By Ramen debut Back On Top last year, eagle-eyed fans noticed two songs on the physical packaging that were left off the album. Now, the band has announced that the songs, titled “Tighten Up” and “Joanie,” will feature on a 7-inch titled Needy When I’m Needy, which is now available for pre-order. Additionally, you can stream both songs below.

Back On Top introduced a more robust soundscape to the Front Bottoms’ repertoire, and these B-sides follow suit. “Tighten Up” has a distinct section and a trumpet solo, followed by a synthy break with the unmistakable lyricism of Brian Sella: “He says he knows how to freestyle, and he will show us if we give him a beat / He says he spent six years in jail for selling two fake crack rocks to some undercover police.” “Joanie” is a love song in the only way that the Front Bottoms know how to make one; Sella sings “You ever think that maybe I could be one of those things that you hate at first / but eventually learn to love, and then trust, and then cut? / Yeah, I bet you will.”

Pre-order Needy When I’m Needy here.