Dance Gavin Dance commit delicious murder in their new music video

Dance Gavin Dance Betrayed by The Game

Oh, Dance Gavin Dance. You have stood the test of time when your peers, as well as numerous young bloods trying to imitate your ever-progressive take on hard rock, have collapsed. You’ve endured the kind of setbacks and changes that could have destroyed most bands and came out better as a result. If your career was told as a metaphor about a man’s struggle to deal with the inevitable passing of time, Michael Shannon would star and Jeff Nichols would direct.

This is a long sappy way to say Dance Gavin Dance always deliver, but the band has truly outdone themselves with their latest video for “Betrayed By The Game.” Skip out on life for a few minutes and familiarize yourself:

Let’s get right to it: This is a great video.

“Betrayed By The Game” was directed by Samuel Halleen and I dare say is among the best videos released this year. This is a piece of art even by the standards of the music videos of yesteryear. Video has definitely made a resurgence as of late, but there was a long stretch in all arenas of rock where videos were more or less straightforward performance affairs captured through either live performance footage or a multi-cam (plus after effects) performance captured in an abandoned building, empty desert, bridge, parents’ house, or a similarly cheap location. “Betrayed By The Game” is a simple idea, but it’s also inventive, and in a time where grabbing the attention of overloaded music fans is hardest than ever, creativity is everything.

This visual alone is cause for pause, praise, and adulation:

Betrayed By The Game Dance Gavin Dance gif

And let’s not forget about the music. “Betrayed By The Game” is one of our favorite tracks off Dance Gavin Dance’s upcoming album, Mothership (in stores October 7), and it perfectly summarizes the kind of record the band has in store for fans.

You can find a full review of the album in the upcoming Oct/Nov issue of Substream Magazine. Look for on-sale details later this month!