PREMIERE: Desires cover G-Eazy’s smash hit, “Me, Myself, and I”

Photo credit: Justice Dodson

A great cover song released at just the right time can be a game-changer for any band or musician on the rise. In a time where there are hundreds, if not thousands of aspiring artists fighting their way to the top of their genre(s) a clever cover song can mean the difference between receiving press coverage and being completely overlooked by the industry at large. That may sound a little harsh, but in today’s competitive marketplace it’s the truth. Up-and-coming Michigan post-hardcore group Desires understand this, and they have more than delivered something worthwhile with their unique take on G-Eazy‘s inescapable hit single, “Me, Myself, and I.”

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Originally recorded with a guest appearance from Bebe Rexha on the hook, “Me, Myself, and I” has been riding a wave of critical and fan acclaim throughout 2016. The song was the first single off G-Eazy’s now platinum-certified sophomore album, When It’s Dark Out, and to date it has received more than 490 million streams on Spotify. Desires’ take on the song reinterprets Rexha’s work on the hook and exchanges the beat production from Rexha and Michael Keenan with a post-hardcore sound that is emotionally compelling in all the right ways. Check it out:

Pretty great, right? We have heard rumors that Desires may have additional covers on the way this fall, but for now this should be more than enough to get the band a few extra clicks and followers online.

When asked about the decision to record a cover of “Me, Myself, and I,” which Desires have been performing live as of late, vocalist Steve Goldberg replied:

“We have been covering Me, Myself & I live for almost as long as we’ve been a band. It’s a song that, while obviously popular, is easily coverable because of how close rap is to our spoken-word style. It’s also super ironic because the entire song is about being too famous and it being isolating. We obviously can’t really relate!”

Desires recently released their debut EP, The One You Feed, through Third String Records. The band is planning on playing shows throughout the fall, so please keep checking their Facebook and Twitter feeds for information on upcoming events.