Just a week after sharing their spin on G-Eazy’s hit single “Me, Myself, and I,” Michigan post-hardcore group Desires are once again partnering with Substream to share a cover song you have to hear to believe.

It’s hard to imagine anyone reading this post right now exists in a world where they are not familiar with the Chainsmokers‘ recent mega-hit “Closer.” The song, which was created in collaboration with the ever-wonderful Halsey, has been dominating the global music charts for weeks at this point, and it shows no signs of disappearing from pop culture anytime soon. What you have yet to hear, or at least have not yet heard done right, is a proper post-hardcore take on the smash hit. That’s where Desires comes in.

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By replacing the EDM sound of the original song with their signature heaviness, swapping Halsey’s croon for a guest appearance from Kia Castillo of Conquer Divide, and adding few new lyrics, Desires transform “Closer” into an uptempo post-hardcore anthem for anyone who has ever made the potentially terrible mistake of letting an ex back into their life. They say the past should stay dead, but as many of us know that is a lot easier said than done.

When asked about the decision to cover the song, Desires vocalist Steve Goldberg told us:

“When we were recording our G-Eazy cover, I was listening to ‘Closer’ a lot (along with the rest of the world), and the whole band decided it would be a fun idea to cover it. We were lucky to have Kia’s amazing guest spot on it, and everything kind of fell in place after that. It’s a little more upbeat than our other cover, but I think that makes it stick out compared to the original.”

You can stream the cover below:

In regards to the original lyrics he wrote for the cover, Goldberg commented:

“It was really hard to have the same monotonous chorus appear so many times in the cover, which is hard to avoid with any pop song, so I took the last chorus and made it an original verse. The lyrics are still personal, but they fit in the whole vibe of the song pretty well.”

Desires’ Third String Records debut EP, The One You Feed, is available now.