Beck’s video for “Wow” is as weird as the song itself


Earlier this summer, Beck released a new single called “Wow,” which was also our reaction upon listening to it. It’s a weird, bizarre, multidimensional song, meaning it’s precisely what we’ve come to expect from Beck. Months later, the song has a music video, and it doesn’t let up on the weirdness factor at all.

The video starts in the Wild West and returns there often, but there’s a whole bunch more. Beck himself dances in the median of a busy intersection, along with shots of a ton of dancing children. There’s a rose with a human eye in the middle, and a series of bizarre animations done in a number of different styles. We told you, this video is weird. Beck enlisted Grady Hall to co-direct the video with him, and employed a huge number of creative artists in the making of the video. All of their information can be found in the YouTube description for the music video.

We’re still waiting on Beck’s next album, which will be his first since Album Of The Year Morning Phase in 2014. We can just watch “Wow” over and over while we wait. That’s sort of like having a new album, right? Watch the video below.