Minneapolis rock sextet Alistair Hennessey have inked a deal with No Sleep Records to release a new album this fall, and today we have the pleasure of streaming the video for its intense lead single, “Hitchhikers.” The band’s debut full-length, titled The House We Grew Up In, will be released through No Sleep on November 18 (pre-orders are ongoing).

“Words tend to lose their meaning at the hand of hyperbole. We often throw them around to the detriment of their impact,” says vocalist/pianist Jesse Lynch. “This record is honest, hopeful, devastating, and raw. Let me be clear: When I say it’s ‘raw,’ I intend to say that this record is an open wound; to know it is to know our story. These songs, truly, are The House We Grew Up In. As is our mantra, we took a very different approach during the writing process.” Continuing about the band’s approach to creating, Lynch says, “After a few directional conversations, and B-squad attempts, the creative consensus eventually found its focus on organic and tangible themes, human-level and purposefully relatable lyrics. Less screaming. More “yelling notes.” Melody over thrash. Heavy on the heart, and less on the gain… not to say we don’t still love slamming shit real hard.”

“Raw” is right. “Hitchhikers” is a five-minute journey through emotional highs and lows that will certainly spark interest in fans of other No Sleep alum like La Dispute and Touché Amoré but also in those who enjoy the works of bands in the vein of Manchester Orchestra—anything loud and deeply impassioned really. Dig in below, let us know what you think about what’s likely to become your new favorite band, and stand by for information on their brand new album to come out this November.