Wrabel releases heartbreaking video for “11 Blocks”


Last time we wrote about Wrabel‘s deceptively sweet “11 Blocks” the song had just premiered on streaming services to almost no fanfare from the music business at large. A month or so later, not to mention a wealth of promotion from passionate fans on social media, and the power ballad has quietly risen through the ranks of the pop underground to become a genuine contender for the top of the Billboard charts.

With all this in mind it only makes sense that we are now seeing the official video for “11 Blocks” begin to make its way around the blogosphere. The video finds Wrabel—otherwise known as Stephen Wrabel—more or less bringing the lyrics of his single to life. Viewers watch as Wrabel ponders his loneliness amidst a city bursting with people, color, and energy. The chaos of the world around him seems to have no impact on the songwriter due to his focus on a past relationship, but no amount of obsession and self-delusion can change the fact that Wrabel is currently alone. Check it out:

Fall is very slowly beginning to appear across the country, and as the summer temps give way to the crackling of dying leaves that tells you autumn has arrived, you’re going to notice a lot of changes taking place at pop radio. The thumping anthems of eternal sunshine and youth that have dominated the airwaves is going to be replaced by more emotionally driven works that comfort as much as they entertain. Few recent pop singles have delivered that kind of art, but “11 Blocks” does so in a big way, and we believe we are probably going to start hearing this song so much that it will eventually drive us crazy.

Wrabel could very easily become 2016’s answer to the Fray, so take this moment to recognize his impending superstardom and hop on the hype train before it’s too late to be considered hip.