Bryan Johnson announces ‘Vulgar 2’


Filmmaker and Comic Book Men star Bryan Johnson has announced plans to create a sequel to his popular underground thriller, Vulgar. No start date for production has been set, but in a recent Facebook Live broadcast with writer/director Kevin Smith and his fellow Comic Book Men co-stars Johnson confirmed the long-awaited sequel is moving forward in the near future.

For those unfamiliar with the story, Vulgar follows a fledgling children’s entertainer who decides to change his audience. Instead of attending parties filled with screaming kids, the clown—played by Clerks star Brian O’Halloran—chooses to market himself to adults. His plan is to dress as a woman and surprise unsuspecting bachelor parties before their real stripper appears, but something goes horribly wrong with his first client and changes his life forever. I would go into further detail, but to do so would likely make some readers uncomfortable while flat-out spoiling the film for everyone else.

Johnson claims O’Halloran is on board to reprise the title character, and he’s working to bring back as many other people from the original production as possible.

You can view the original trailer for Vulgar below. If you have yet to see the movie in full, please head over to Amazon or Jay And Silent Bob’s Secret Stash to claim a copy for your personal collection today.