This live-action ‘Transformers’ fan film is better than anything Michael Bay could create

generation 1 hero transformers fan film

2016 is slowly becoming the year fan films become fodder for mainstream conversation. The reasons for this are numerous, but two big contributing factors are the availability of high quality special effects programs to consumers and the ever-rising public interest in viral videos. As long as you have a good idea, several reliable friends, and a whole lot of time on your hands, anyone can create fan films based on popular brands or series that the internet embraces with open arms. Even a franchise like Transformers, which has numerous big budget studio films to its name that have received decidedly mixed reviews, can be given new life by the sheer will of its fiercely loyal fan base.

With all this in mind, allow me to introduce you to Generation 1 Hero, a Transformers fan film that manages to deliver large helpings of action and entertainment without the $100 million budget of Michael Bay’s critically-panned franchise. The film was created by Lior Mocho and the crew at Chisel Pixel using a mix of computer graphics, remote control miniature models, and some of the best homemade costumes found outside of San Diego Comic-Con International. What’s even better is that, unlike Bay’s films, Generation 1 Hero puts the importance of story over robot mayhem (although there is plenty of that present as well). Check it out:

We could argue all day over whether or not it is fair to compare a 15-minute movie to a series of films with an average runtime well over two hours, but I find it hard to imagine anyone walks away from an experience like Generation 1 Hero without feeling entertained. Even if you don’t care about the Autobots there is no denying the love and craftsmanship found in every second of the footage above. There may be no humans on screen, but there is heart to what is being conveyed, and that is one thing Bay’s major productions never seem to create.

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