Totemic melds EDM and classical instrumentation beautifully on new EP

totemic edm

Toronto musician and festival favorite Doug Penny—known by his stage persona Totemic—creates some of the most unique electronic music in the scene right now. Incorporating live violin with moody vibes and intense drum ‘n’ bass production, we imagine a live Totemic performance being quite the experience—a bit of a departure from your typical EDM show.

Penny’s newest EP as Totemic, and second this year, titled Continuous Cycle, gives you a pretty good taste of the formula he’s mastered across four lengthy tracks all clocking in between five and six minutes. If you’re looking for something to zone out and/or wobble your head to, give the EP a listen below and check out the rest of Totemic’s work on Bandcamp as well.

Based on the fact that he released two EPs in quick succession this year, you might want to keep an eye on Totemic’s Facebook and Twitter for news of even more music in the near future.