The Tegan and Sara music video releases continue with “White Knuckles”

Tegan and Sara white knuckles

Tegan and Sara are more than halfway through their quest of releasing a music video for every single track on June’s Love You To Death. Every single one of those videos has been stellar in its own way, and there’s no exception today with the release of the next video, this time for “White Knuckles.”

The video is shot entirely in black and white, and is centered around the amazing choreography of dancers and choreographers Mela Murder and Kaner Flex. The camera does a magnificent job capturing both the amazing movements of Murder and Flex along with the beauty of the forest surrounding them. The video is directed by Minister Akins, and it’s one of our favorites from Love You To Death so far. Lenny premiered the visuals, and the article also includes an interview with Sara Quin that’s well worth a read.

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