Shovels And Rope share “St. Anne’s Parade” video

Shovels and Rope

There are times in life when the only thing you need to get through whatever it is you’re dealing with is an acoustic guitar and a good vocalist or two. If this applies to you, then allow me to be the first to share with you Shovels And Rope‘s fantastic new single, “St. Anne’s Parade.”

Embracing the joy and sadness of life in equal measure with compelling harmonies and a simple foundation, the latest single from Shovels And Rope finds members Cary Ann Hearst and Michael Trent at their most honest. Fans of the folk duo have long loved the pair’s ability to tackle a wide variety of topics in a single song, and “St. Anne’s Parade” is no different. The song looks to the bright moments in life, like the knowledge you are loved and are surrounded by people who care for your well being, as well as the certainty of death. It’s enough to move you to tears, or at least earn several dozen repeat plays. Check it out:

For those wondering, there really is a St. Anne’s parade. If you wake up early enough on the morning of Mardi Gras in New Orleans you’re likely to encounter the inclusive society as they make their way through city streets dressed in unique and brightly colored costumes. The video above finds Hearst and Trent joining the festivities, though they never get into costume like the rest of the procession, and they do so while celebrating the recent marriage of their close friends. It’s a beautiful clip, and it pairs well with the subtle, yet undeniable beauty of the song its meant to promote.

“St. Anne’s Parade” is just the second song to surface off Shovels And Rope’s upcoming album, Little Seeds, which is due to arrive in stores on October 7. You can stream the other single, “I Know,” right here.

Shovels And Rope will be visiting a number of cities across the US this fall on their next Headlining tour, which is set to begin on September 29 in Knoxville, TN. Click here for dates and ticket information.