PREMIERE: The Rival rock loud and heavy with “My Own Devices”

the rival
David O’Donohue

Nashville rock duo the Rival have a massive new jam they’re premiering today exclusively through Substream Magazine. “My Own Devices” serves as the lead single from their upcoming five-track EP, titled Sands, which will be the second in a trilogy of extended plays following Waves from earlier this year. Sands is due out on October 7 and offers huge indie rock anthems, catchy choruses, and softer, elegant moments strewn throughout. We can tell you confidently that it’s a release you’ll want to visit repeatedly this fall.

Speaking to Substream about the heavy inspirations that led to the creation of “My Own Devices,” instrumentalist and backing vocalist Allen Salmon says:

“Phillip has a family member that has been through hell with their partner and it’s been difficult to watch. We wrote ‘My Own Devices’ by putting ourselves in their shoes, imagining what it must feel like to try and fix what is broken and get back to that sense of home. Musically, we wanted to pay tribute to some of the great ’90s albums we grew up with, from Jeff Buckley to Weezer, and experiment with a sound that felt like home to us.”

You can purchase all of the Rival’s past material on iTunes. “My Own Devices” will be officially available on August 26. Keep an eye out for Sands on October 7.