PREMIERE: Nerve Clinic seeks seclusion in video for “Allies & Rallies”

nerve clinic
Photo credit: Big American Story

Last month, we had the honor of sharing Nerve Clinic‘s newest EP, titled Feel Better. Today, we’re teaming up with the Heartless Breakers frontman once more to premiere a new music video for “Allies & Rallies,” taken from that same EP. Watch the scenic clip below.

Speaking to Substream about the ideas behind the single’s accompanying visuals, the video’s director Everett Fitch says:

“People have a whole world going on inside them. You never quite know what someone else is thinking, even if they tell you so. A moment that might seem small to you might be universally large to someone else. And the moments that do have a profound impact on you—good or bad—have to be honored in some way in order to move forward. That can be done through the process of creation, like songwriting. Or it can be done by stripping naked—spiritually or otherwise—and running full-speed to the outskirts of town, howling unabashedly the entire way until your veins start popping out.

I went about honoring the reason why this song was written (because of a bad night filled with ex-friends). It honors the need in all of us to break away every once in a while just to stay sane, even if it is just on the edge of town.”

Feel Better is available for purchase both digitally and on limited cassette (40 copies) through Ronald Records.