PREMIERE: James Barrett streams ‘The Metamorphosis’ EP

james barrett

James Barrett has a beautiful story to tell, and he tells it beautifully. Barrett’s newest effort, his upcoming EP titled The Metamorphosis, is due out on September 2, but lucky for your ears (and your heart), we have the honor of premiering the release in its four-track entirety today. You can listen through the genuinely affecting beauty below.

Speaking to Substream about the elements that helped form The Metamorphosis, Barrett says:

“These songs represent the growth in me as an individual and as a songwriter. They have a similar sound to my first record, but with just a little more emotion and solidified tone. They show the change in me over the past year as a person, a friend, and a writer. They show the changes I’m going through now by avoiding college and focusing on what I’ve always done, which is writing music. I have no idea at this point if my music will take me somewhere, but if it does, I know it starts somewhere between these four songs.”

If you’re feeling Barrett’s work as much as we are you can pre-order The Metamorphosis digitally through Bandcamp or on a limited edition, paint-splattered cassette tape through Ronald Records. You can also do both. You should do both.