PREMIERE: Father Mountain deliver indie rock gold with “Unclean”

Father Mountain
Photo: Nick Zimmer

There are few things better in the world of music than a thrilling split release between two promising bands. Today we are thrilled to not only be hosting the premiere of a new song from Kentucky native’s Father Mountain, but to also announce the group’s plans to release a split with fellow up-and-coming band Overslept that is due out on August 26. Yes, you are just a few short weeks away from being able to own six new songs, and we’re going to share one of those tracks right now.

“Unclean” is the latest in a long line of increasingly good material from Father Mountain. The band’s signature focus on family and fragility of the human experience are as present as ever, and they are presented alongside some of the most enchanting musicianship we have heard all summer long. If the music of Father Mountain was a place we could visit it would be our top vacation destination, but for the time being the ability to replay this song and the others in the band’s catalog will have to suffice. Check it out:

We recently asked Father Mountain member Zane Martin about the inspiration for “Unclean,” and this is what he had to say:

“Family and Vulnerability are focal points that I try to write every song through. Unclean is my response to bad choices and the small compromises that leave you so far from where you started.”

As we mentioned above, “Unclean” is part of a split Father Mountain will be releasing with Overslept later this month. The cover art and track listing are as follows:

Father Mountain

  1. Not So Fast (Overslept)
  2. Dizzy Spell (Overslept)
  3. Unclean (Father Mountain)
  4. Liliana (Father Mountain)
  5. On Leaving and Being Left Behind (Overslept cover of Father Mountain song)
  6. Shouldered (Father Mountain cover of Overslept song)

The two bands are also hitting the road together to celebrate the split’s release. Catch them live in the following cities:

8/24 – Springfield, MO (FM only)
8/25 – Oklahoma City, OK (FM only)
8/26 – Denver, CO
8/27 – Fort Collins, CO
8/28 – Omaha, NE
8/29 – Kansas City, MO
8/30 – St Louis, MO
8/31 – Champaign, IL
9/1 – Lexington, KY
9/2 – Owensboro, KY
9/3 – Nashville, TN