PREMIERE: Caterpillars push through the tedium with new single, “Frustrated”


Texas rock four-piece Caterpillars are gearing up to release a brand new full-length, titled The Wicked and Wonderful, on October 7. To give you an idea of what to expect on the effort, the band has teamed with Substream today to stream “Frustrated,” a moving indie rock gem with ethereal elements that should appeal to fans of bands like Moving Mountains and From Indian Lakes. You can listen in below, where you’ll also find a lengthy statement from Caterpillars vocalist/guitarist Chris Robinson about the ideas and inspirations that motivated the creation of the song—one that almost didn’t make the cut for the final album.

We’ve had the privilege of hearing The Wicked and Wonderful in its entirety and can tell you beyond the shadow of a doubt that you’re going to want to spend some time with it upon release. If you let it slip by you this year, you’ll regret having not included it on your year-end list of best releases in 2016. Pre-order the album on Amazon and find two more of its singles on Bandcamp.

“This song is about my life situation during a time where I was struggling with wanting to play music but having to work just to make ends meet. It seems like nearly every day one of the guys in the band will send a text along the lines of, ‘Can we please just play music full-time and make enough money to live off of? I’m tired of having to work this job…’ It sort of came naturally; I was frustrated, and we all were frustrated with our current situation. It’s somewhat soul-crushing to work day in and day out, using up all of our energy, and then trying to find that creative outlet once we’re completely drained.

Alternatively, I’m sure we all can agree that the work we were doing wasn’t necessarily the best because we were so frustrated with the way things were and we were constantly distracted by it. One of the things I wanted to avoid with this album, though, was focusing on the negative aspects of our experiences. With that in mind I wanted to make the chorus more hopeful and positive, so I focused on a person or situation that makes those negative experiences better. Despite how frustrating life can be, when I’m with you the sky seems brighter, and even though I’m exhausted and worn out, I’ll be there to lend an ear when you get tired. The way we’ll make it through life, with all of its seemingly endless routines, is together.

Interestingly, this song almost didn’t make the album. We had done a few demo recordings of it and played it live a few times, but it didn’t really ever feel complete. Stephen really pushed for it and had a drum part that really helped the song’s bridge click. Drew, Ben, and I couldn’t quite put our finger on what the bridge needed, so it was great to have a completely fresh ear and mind to work on that part and it ended up being what we were looking for. I’m really happy with how the song turned out. Also, this is the first song to feature our bass player (Ben) on vocals during that bridge. We wanted to work him into the last album but sort of ran out of time, so we’re glad he has a few spots more on this album (also during ‘Open Your Eyes’). I think we’re all really thrilled with how they turned out, and the plan for the future is to have him more up front with me on vocals as well. This was one of those songs that nearly fell on the cutting room floor, but in the end everything clicked into place and is easily one of our favorite songs on the record.”

Upcoming shows:

Sept 8 w/ the Get Up Kids & the West Windows, at Club Dada in Dallas, TX
Sept 17 w/ VanLadyLove & Pool Lights, at Three Links in Dallas, TX