Miike Snow’s new video has world leaders dancing through the Cold War

Miike snow my trigger

Swedish group Miike Snow have always had a penchant for making some amazing music videos. Back in March the band released their album, iii, and it provided us with some great dance tracks and even better music videos. If you haven’t seen the spy-themed video for “Genghis Khan” that should be your next task for today. The band has continued that trend of great videos with their newest effort, “My Trigger.”

The video is set during the Cold War and finds both the American President and Soviet Leader in full crisis mode. Their cabinets are pressing them to nuke each other, and they’ve both got some anxiety about it. How does that anxiety manifest itself? Through dancing, of course! Whether in the capital buildings or in a nebulous otherworld centered around a giant red button, the two men show off some slick choreography. Directed by Ninian Doff, the video is a bizarre and delightful mix of historical drama and stage musical.

Watch the video for “My Trigger” below. You can grab Miike Snow’s latest album, iii, through iTunes.