Microwave will make you feel all the feels with “Busy”


The key to truly great songwriting lies in finding a way to mesh good storytelling with catchy hooks and unforgettable melodies, and of everyone in the 2016 freshman class, the one band doing that better than anyone else is Georgia natives Microwave. SideOneDummy had a feeling they were onto something special when they signed this band in mid-2015, and that belief has turned into fact with the release of “Busy.”

The second song to surface off Microwave’s upcoming full-length label debut (out this fall), “Busy” begins with a flood of feedback before giving way to pulsing drums and the careful croon of frontman Nathan Hardy. As the song begins to unfold, lines like “cutting ties is easier than learning knots” describe a relationship on the rocks, which is accented by the group’s signature self-deprecation and ever-present silver linings. Finding a group that can match the emotional strength of their lyricism with their technical proficiency is rare, but that is exactly what Microwave deliver on this track. Take a listen:

The lyrics for “Busy” are as follows:

“Another awkward silence is starting up. God, I hope you’ll leave here soon. Another stupid question just to say it cause I hate silence as much as you do. Another one-word answer just to answer, you might as well have just not answered. I’ll find new ends to replace the loose ones cause cutting ties is easier than learning knots to tie them up and fix all of the stupid shit I never should have said. ‘Cause I know I can’t keep calling just to clear my head, it’s pathetic, forget it I’m fine. I got a brand new spot for me to leave my clothes at, where I can be with my thoughts and otherwise alone at because it all means nothing, all of the words we speak. You’re really not as busy as you pretend to be.”

If “Lighterless” wasn’t enough to sell you on the Microwave hype train I am willing to bet “Busy” did the trick. Pre-orders for their new album should surface soon.

In the meantime, you can make plans to see Microwave this fall as they support All Get Out:

Microwave fall tour

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