Bryan Deister gets ambitious with moody LP, ‘Spines Of The Heart’

bryan deister

California musician Bryan Deister released a massive two-disc, 22-track album, titled Spines Of The Heart, near the end of 2015. Filled with experimental electronics and moody vocals, the album is mostly dark, often brooding, and at times reminiscent of acts ranging from Bj√∂rk to Nine Inch Nails. In total, clocking in at around 85 minutes, it’s a journey to say the least, but if you have that kind of time, you might find some genuine beauty and very moving moments here.

Even after the amount of time and energy he must’ve put into Spines Of The Heart, you can certainly expect more music from Deister down the line. Currently enrolled at Berklee College Of Music, Deister has said, “Hopefully after Berklee I will continue to improve in all facets and be able to write interesting music without starving.”

You can listen through Spines Of The Heart below and keep up with Deister on Twitter and his website.