Bayside share “I’ve Been Dead All Day” music video


The wait for Bayside‘s new album Vacancy is almost over. With the August 19 release date looming, the New York natives have released a music video for the song “I’ve Been Dead All Day,” and we have a good feeling it is going to help the band accrue a few additional sales.

Set in New York City, the video for “I’ve Been Dead All Day” finds members of Bayside offering free rides to fans of their band that wish to hear Vacancy a few weeks early. Viewers cannot hear the music being played in the car, but various reactions to the music are captioned on the screen throughout the clip. Some are funny (“this sounds like Bayside”), while others are far more predictable (“I like the bass”). It’s a fun way to entertain fans around the globe and raise awareness for the new record without completely distracting those watching at home from the music being played. Check it out:

As for the song itself, “I’ve Been Dead All Day” is one of our favorite cuts off Vacancy. The song has the signature pessimism of Bayside’s catalog wrapped in an infectious melody and an undeniable hook. There are also storytelling elements at play that may point to where the band is considering taking their sound in the future. If true, count us in. If not true, still count us in. This is Bayside we’re talking about after all, and anyone who knows the band knows they have consistently shared quality material throughout their career.

A proper review of Vacancy can be found in the next issue of Substream Magazine, which will be on stands soon. In the meantime, head over to the album’s official pre-order site and claim a copy of the record for yourself.