The Batman solo film finds its villain in mercenary Deathstroke


Batman features perhaps one of the deepest, most interesting Rogues Galleries amongst all the superheroes currently flooding our airways and comic books. DC and Warner Bros., working on building their own superhero movie collection, have a ton of possible directions they could have gone when selecting a villain for Ben Affleck’s upcoming Batman film. This morning, Affleck himself took to Twitter to deliver the decision: Deathstroke is coming to Gotham.

Originally introduced in New Teen Titans in 1980, Deathstroke is the alias of Slade Wilson, a fearsome mercenary with combat prowess and knowledge on par with Batman himself, plus a sizable arsenal to go along with it. Affleck posted test footage of the villain in his distinct orange and black armor this morning, and The Wrap later confirmed that Deathstroke is headed to the big screen.

If Deathstroke does look familiar to you, it could be because he has not been an unpopular choice for a bad guy in recent years. He’s been on CW’s Arrow, (played by Manu Bennett), in the critically acclaimed Batman: Arkham series of video games (voiced by Mark Rolston), and as a major villain (going by Slade) in the original 2003 Teen Titans cartoon voiced by Ron Perlman.

There’s no news on who will be behind the mask in the film, but nonetheless we’re cautiously optimistic about the choice of villain. In the meantime, we still have Wonder Woman and Justice League to get excited for.