Balance and Composure premiere new single, “Afterparty”

balance and compsure
Andi Elloway

Following the fantastic, if slightly jarring first single “Postcard,” Balance and Composure have released “Afterparty,” the far more familiar second preview of their upcoming record, Light We Made. Listen to the new track below, via Flaunt.

“Postcard,” which features subdued vocals, a relaxed vibe, and the electronic drums heard ’round the world, caused quite a stir amongst fans when it released a few weeks ago. “Afterparty” is much more in line with previous Balance and Composure material, with an organic drum tone and the Will Yip production that the band has become synonymous with. Yet it’s still a stretch to call this anything close to a retread of previous records, as the funky transitions and frantic melodic structure keeps things interesting.

“I think it’s comical how much of a stir the electronic drums in “Postcard” caused. To the point where people just assumed I had left the band. It didn’t even occur to some that we just wanted to try something new,” drummer Bailey Van Ellis says of the reaction to “Postcard.” “I think that in itself shows how close-minded some people are when it comes to listening to certain types of music they normally wouldn’t.”

Light We Made releases on October 7. You can pre-order the new album here.