Annie Schindel streams new single “Call Me Your Ex”

Annie Schindel 2016

Just last month we became the first music blog (that we know of) to cover the rise of 17-year-old singer-songwriter Annie Schindel. At the time, Annie told us she was working on new material with the hopes of having something to show for her efforts by the end of summer. That goal has since been achieved, and now the entire world can enjoy Annie’s brand new single, “Call Me Your Ex.”

Tackling a difficult situation we all find ourselves in when we enter a new relationship, “Call Me Your Ex” is a great example of smart pop songwriting with depth. We all like to think that we are the best thing to happen to anyone we decide to date, so when someone tells us we’re just like their ex it’s hard to know how to respond. Annie, at least in this song, makes the bold choice to see such comparisons as a compliment. Check it out:

“Call Me Your Ex” is the latest example of Annie Schindel sharing her unique perspective on life. There is a wit and confidence to every line that speaks to not just knowing the situation being detailed, but also having endured it and lived to tell the tale. Annie does not come across bitter as much as she does happy to have had an opportunity to grow as a person despite the circumstances. That is a high road very few would be likely to take when confronted with a situation similar, but as we already know, Annie is not like everyone else. Her music, just like her personality, is unique, and we can’t wait to see what she does next.