Young The Giant release video for “Jungle Youth” off upcoming LP

With less than a month to go until the August 12 release of their album Home of the Strange through Fueled by Ramen, Young The Giant are in full promotional swing. We’ve already covered the songs “Titus Was Born” and “Something To Believe In,” and the music videos that go with them. Today the band released yet another new track and video, this time entitled “Jungle Youth.”

“Jungle Youth” features a dark, meaty guitar riff over singer Sameer Gadhia’s vocals, which are decidedly punchier and feature more of a growl than what we’ve heard from Home of the Strange so far. This fits with the video, which is devoid of colors beyond black, white, and grey. The visuals carry a strong focus on repeating and ever-changing geometric patterns, as well as shots of people getting covered in what appears to be paint and clay.

You can watch the video below. Home of the Strange will be Young The Giant’s third studio album and is available for pre-order through iTunes.