Watch Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s new music video for “First World Problem”

Unknown Mortal Orchestra

We’re suckers for choreography here at Substream. The amount of creative and physical talent it takes to translate a piece of music into a physical display cannot be overstated. That’s why we’re such huge fans of the latest music video from Unknown Mortal Orchestra for their new track “First World Problem” (via NOWNESS).

The video finds Kialí Del Valle and Derek Schiesel dancing through both a gorgeous house and a vast desert landscape. Del Valle also directed the video with James Lee and did the choreography. The camerawork in the video is stunning, accentuating both the performers and the backdrop.

When discussing the video, Del Valle stated, “With ‘First World Problem’ I aimed to create a dialogue between two art forms—film and music. I wanted the video to be a response to the band’s lyrics and musical melodies, rather than showing literally what the song is saying.”

Unknown Mortal Orchestra last released an album in May 2015, with Multi-Love serving as their third studio album. It was released through Jagjaguwar, and is currently available in both physical and digital formats here. Be sure to check it out after watching the video for “First World Problem.”