Two People share slow pop jam “If We Have Time”

Two People

While there’s never a bad time to listen to alternative pop, it seems like summer is the peak time for it. There’s nothing quite like hanging out with friends at night while you play the newest tunes. Australian pop duo Two People—made up of Phoebe Lou and Joey Clough—have provided the perfect song for such occasions with their newest offering, entitled “If We Have Time” (via Stereogum).

The track features an excellent instrumental backing, with a laid-back percussion line that’s easy to nod along to and synths that lend a pulsing energy to the song. Underneath everything is an understated piano that serves as an effective backbone for the rest of the components. Lou’s vocals are also packed full of emotion and move effortlessly over those synths and piano. On the lyrics, Lou explained in the Stereogum story, “There’s a big feeling in this song, a sort of smiling defeat. I remember feeling pretty sore when I wrote the words, but they are unafraid and I like that.”

Do yourself a favor and check out “If We Have Time” below. The band’s first single, “Fading,” is also streaming on Spotify.