Watch The Strokes’ surreal new lyric video for “OBLIVIUS”

The last time we saw The Strokes in a music video, they were fending off government agents in the visuals for “Threat of Joy” off their EP Future Present Past. We now have a video for another track off said EP, this time for “OBLIVIUS.”

We don’t see the group this time around, as “OBLIVIUS” is a lyric video, but that doesn’t mean it’s not interesting. The whole thing looks like a ’90s computer screensaver gone haywire, complete with wireframe shapes, bright, vibrant colors, and the lyrics appearing along the bottom of the frame in simple, yellow letters. The grainy, lo-fi filter over the visuals also lend to the throwback vibe the video seems to be aiming for. It’s a fascinating, visually enchanting concept, and the animation done by Kidmograph, aka Gustavo Torres, is top-notch.

Watch the whole lyric video for “OBLIVIUS” for yourself. Future Present Past is out now through Cult Records.