PREMIERE: The Stolen deliver pop-rock gold with “I’m So Dead”

The Stolen

There has been a massive resurgence in pop-rock over the last few years that shows no signs of slowing or decaying anytime soon. Led by top 40 mainstays like The 1975 and HAIM, this renewed interest in feel-good rock music made with real instruments has produced a wealth of up-and-coming talent whose own authenticity is often brought into question. Many young acts are clearly making the music they create solely to cash in on the latest trend in music, but a select few are genuinely passionate about the art of pop-rock, and we have one such group to share with you today.

Hailing from New Jersey, The Stolen are a band on the rise with hooks and melodies that just won’t quit. Their music sounds like summer feels, and by that I mean it’s rich with the promise of good times and great memories. I first encountered the group back in April while my home in Minnesota was still struggling to escape the stranglehold of winter, but as soon as their music poured through my speakers I felt as if the grey skies that had hung overhead for months had finally begun to part. I felt alive as I rarely had up to that point in 2016, and I knew right away I needed an excuse to highlight the band here at Substream.

Today, that opportunity presents itself in the form of a world premiere for the group’s latest video, “I’m So Dead.” The song is taken from the band’s EP of the same name, which arrived online in April. The video finds the group showcasing their performance skills through a variety of enticing sequences that are sure to sell tickets to their upcoming “I’m So Dead” summer tour. Check it out:

We asked The Stolen to tell us a bit about the video. Here’s what they had to say:

“The track name and EP title came from something my ex-girlfriend had said to me after we broke up and she took a turn for the worse. ‘I’m So Dead’ is about a girl who is addicted to cocaine and everyone around her is oblivious to what is going on but me. She puts on a show to seek attention. It’s about being a bystander and a former part of someone’s life who has replaced it with an addiction.”

As I mentioned above, The Stolen have a summer tour on the horizon. Dates are as follows: