Smash Mouth return with EDM-fueled single, “Love Is A Soldier”

Smash Mouth

Say what you will about the way Smash Mouth rose to the height of pop music infamy with “All-Star,” but how many bands from the late ’90s can claim they have been able to pay their bills for the better part of two decades off the licensing of a single song? More importantly, how many bands can claim to have done that while still touring and recording new music despite being entirely able to stay at home and collect checks? The answer is one, and that band is Smash Mouth.

This morning, the Steve Harwell-led California rock band has returned to headlines across the internet with the release of a new single titled “Love Is A Soldier.” The song is billed as a collaborative effort with DJ Specter, a rising EDM artist who has probably never seen as much exposure as he will experience in the coming weeks. You can stream the track below:

We will be the first to admit that a shiver ran down our spines when our eyes first caught the words “EDM” and “Smash Mouth” in a single sentence, but there is something about “Love Is A Soldier” that is undeniably infectious in the best possible way. Despite the presence of synth, pulsing bass, and the “Ahhh-ahhhh” vocals of the nameless female that appears in seemingly all dance songs, this is without a doubt the product of the same minds that gave us “Walkin’ On The Sun.” The signature gravel of Harwell’s voice makes that clear from the moment the first verse begins, and before you know it you’re tapping your toes along with the music as if you never wrote the band off for essentially becoming an uncredited cast member in the Shrek franchise.

The release of “Love Is A Soldier” leads us to believe Smash Mouth are planning a proper album for late 2016, but right now we do not know if that is actually true. Either way there is a very good chance this song becomes a top 40 mainstay, and to be honest, that’s pretty cool. Bands with a history like Smash Mouth rarely get a second shot at topping the charts, especially after a decade more or less out of the spotlight, but “Love Is A Soldier” could make Smash Mouth a rare exception. Comment below and let us know your thoughts.